(Originally posted Friday, December 3, 2010)
I know that I have not posted when I said that I would…. I promised a list of companies that were conflict free.  I am terribly sad to report that I found none.  So once again I call you to action.  I found this.  It only takes a few minutes to send a letter to the 21 big electronic suppliers and let them know that when they remove the conflict from their produces you will purchase them.  According to the International Rescue Committee, the conflict has already claimed the lives of over 5 million civilians and is estimated to have a mortality rate of 45 thousand per month resulting from famine, preventable disease, displacement, killings, and sexual violence.  We all have blood on our hands.  Margaret Mead said it best “Never underestimate the power of a small dedicated group of people to change the world-indeed, its the only thing that ever has”  That means you!!!!!

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