(Originally Posted Tuesday, November 23, 2010)
This Black Friday I am remembering the connection between my electronics and the conflict in eastern Congo. Help me grow the conflict-free movement at www.raisehopeforcongo.org.

More info on the connection…..

The conflict in eastern Congo is being fueled by a multi-million dollar trade in minerals that go into our electronic products. Over five million people have died as a result, and hundreds of thousands of women have been raped over the past decade. The armed groups perpetuating the violence generate hundreds of millions of dollars each year by trading in four main minerals, the 3Ts and gold.

Congo’s conflict minerals leave a trail of destruction as the as they make their way from the mines in eastern Congo to the cell phones in you pocket.

I will research products and post them before Black Friday.  Be part of the solution.  A few moments on your part could mean someone’s life.

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