Ok………..so………..I truly don’t know where to start. So much has happened. To say that “so much has happened” is a horrible understatement. I believe I left off with the loss of our baby m. Something that will always bring tears to my eyes. If I am to be genuinely 100% honest I have to say my absence has not been do to the fact that nothing has happened with our adoption or that the unrest in Congo has come to an unforeseen halt. The opposite is true. I have been afraid to keep up with this endeavor because I honesty felt jinxed by the posts. It seamed to me that every time I turned around heart ache was there to meet me. In these past months there have been many heart aches but there have been just as many elations. My goal for this post is to focus on our joys, because in spite of everything that has happened my life is still filled with it! We are very excited to announce the upcoming adoption of baby R, a precious girl who was found dumped in a river in the city. A girl who is a fighter with a will to live. I am grateful to be offered the chance to be her mother. On another good great note the little boy we will name Micah is weeks from my ams! He is a very handsome little dude who is described by others as stout! What a blessing! All this means a whirlwind of activity and planning for an up coming trip to Congo! Stay tuned!!

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