This is for Wren

That Wren, my small frail, voiceless, baby who suffered for 13 months would not have died without meaning and without notice as so many children do.

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Centre Emmanuel

CE is a one of a kind orphanage, continuing to bring hope to the orphans of Congo.

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Orphanage with 44 kids in central Congo ran by Mother Superior Germaine.

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Please help an orphan with life saving food, an education and an opportunity at life.

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Home at Last!!


I have been silent about our adoption and Congo for a very long time. Heart break and fear were to blame. I was tired of all my blog posts being depressing and honestly, that’s all I had to report.………….but I am back with some amazing news!!!!!!!!!  After 4 years of Waiting (August of 2012) we are […]



I want to introduce you all to a dear friend of mine. Meet Sister Germaine Muese! She is the women who cares for the children at CAJAC. To anyone who has been following my story, this was Daniel’s orphanage. This woman was the one who was with him when he passed. She has seen so […]

Orphan Christmas Cards

xmas org (15)

Wren’s-Song is selling Christmas cards. These are drawn by the children at Center Emanuelle and feature the nativity scene or the 3 wise men. I love that one card even has the Congolese flag next to the manger!!! $20 for 10 cards. On the back of the cards is a sticker with directions on how […]

Montana Antique and Craft Show

Wrens Song Montana 2014

Had a great day raising money for orphans in Congo today.  If you want to contribute, click on the GoFundMe link on the top right of every page.  Thanks!!

39 Coffins

39 coffins 1280 600

I have been working for days with little to no sleep……..literally.  What started out as a call for help from an agency who lost many children has turned into so much more.  Many in the adoption world have heard about the tragedy in their orphanage in a remote part of Congo, Kasai Oriental.    I have […]

Wren’s Song – Front Page ...

Wren’s Song – Front Page of the Newspaper!

  Douglas resident Sarah Witbrod holds on to a sleeping baby boy named Daniel in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Sarah was due to adopt Daniel in 2011, but famine claimed his life before she was able to bring him home to the U.S. He is one of four children Sarah lost during the […]

Spring 2013 – Sustainability Pr...

Spring 2013 – Sustainability Project for the Orphans of the Congo!

Adoption is a beautiful thing for the children who are lucky enough to be chosen.  In a country with 5 million orphans there are many who are left behind.  Children living in institutional settings are ill equipped to handle life outside the orphanage walls.  Knowing little to nothing about entrepreneurship and earning a living many […]

Would You?…

Would You?…

I have been traveling all day. Quiet and contemplative. I pride myself on my transparency and that’s just what I intend to be…transparent. I have had a feeling of uncertainty surrounding this trip to Congo. I can feel the support and prayers sent to me from around the world. With this kind of support one […]

Wren’s Congo

wrens bday party 1280x600

Click for a short video of the children from the various orphanages I’ve helped as well as some pictures of my own children who we’ve lost.



I have had a lot of people say they don’t know how I do it……or I am so strong.  Let me tell you the truth.  I am not strong and there are days I can’t figure out how I am going to continue on….but somehow I always do. Take now as an example.  My husband […]