I have been working for days with little to no sleep……..literally.  What started out as a call for help from an agency who lost many children has turned into so much more.  Many in the adoption world have heard about the tragedy in their orphanage in a remote part of Congo, Kasai Oriental.    I have been to the region and offered to help if I could.  My dear friend Constant was the first person who I reached out to.  Constant has always gone above and beyond and this time was no exception.  He found a lawyer in Kinshasa with a sister in the area…….a sister who is a doctor.   We got her number and with many failed attempts to contact her from the USA, Constant was able to reach her for me.  She sent a man on a bike to check out the orphanage.   His reports were astonishing.   Six children lived in a small room with no food and no adults and they were all very ill.  This call came to me as Congo was going to sleep.  Heart breaking news that these children would not receive the care they needed.  I cried about the injustice of it all and then did the only thing I could……wait.  Around 2 am this morning I got a message that it wasn’t the right orphanage.  The doctor traveled to the right one and a few children were sick but not the epidemic seen at the other one.  As I write this I am waiting for a call to determine the path that we need to take.  The doctor will be returning to both orphanages and offering her help.  We will be bringing food.  We will be offering medical and she will be taking photos.  Please take a moment to look into your hearts and allow yourself to feel the pain for these children.  As we enter into this holiday season please look with in your own life and consider donating to insure that others have a chance at life.  This region is loosing children.  The total in the past week from the two orphanages is 39 children dead.  This is everyone’s problem.  Lets work together to make this a better world.  A world where children don’t die from starvation and preventable illness.  A place we all join hands and declare we are in this together.  This is a terrible, horrible, awful situation.  This is our situation.  For those that want to help you can donate to Wrens Song on the web page.  As more is found out I will be posting a needs list and checking them off as the needs are met.

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