(Originally posted Tuesday, February 22, 2011)
This morning I got up and decided to start a workout program to focus my mind on something besides the adoption.  I loved going to the gym before and loved the enegry it gave me.  I am sure I will need more energy with more children 🙂 but
the gym membership got cut when we choose to adopt again.  I started the program and worked hard…….so hard I felt sick lol.  I thought “this is my new beginning and positive things are coming my way.  I was only half right.

I haven’t made it public knowledge yet but we had been matched with a little boy between the ages 1-2.  He was one of the 6 children who lived through the epidemic at the orphanage that took Wren.  He is also the first child I saw that was available from the Congo…..although I didn’t know it at the time.  We are almost through court for our little man and I couldn’t be happier.  When court is done he will be moved to a safer region (big sigh).  other good news the other family that was in the pilot program with us is bringing their children home.  This is a relief (I was beginning to wonder if any children would make it to the US).

Now for the bad news.

The new referral has passed away.  There aren’t words to describe how I am feeling now………..to be honest I don’t think there ever will be.  Another precious child is lost.  Another child I had hoped to call mine.

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