Wikipedia defines depraved indifference as a “callous disregard for human life” and results in death.

I have started this post several times but was unable to fully express what I wanted to say.  Eric Ludy’s Video depraved indifference gave name to what I was trying to say.

We are all guilty.  I can’t even count the times that someone has said (regarding whats happening in Congo) “I can’t believe they would do that to their own kind”  What does that mean exactly?  OWN KIND?  Do they mean African? Black? Poor?  The looks of pity are real.  And yet no one acts……………Why???????  Because we are all so calloused that our own plight of which day care, preschool, name brand clothes, fancy car bull shit…….We don’t have time to care about the millions of men women and children who are suffering everyday.  I don’t mean my roots are showing suffering.  I am talking about mothers having to choose which of their children to feed suffering.  Children who eat mud to feel full.  Do you think they chose that life?  Are those mothers beneath you?  Are we returning to the day when we referred to people who weren’t like us as savages?  Look back on history……….southern slavery, the Indian massacres, concentration camps.  Depraved indifference kills millions everyday.  I am not depraved and I refuse to be indifferent.  How can we let this happen to our own kind?

No matter what your religious views are, this video has the message that everyone should hear.

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