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  1. My 2 Cents on Wrens-song:

    Sarah is not an agency, lawyer, or facilitator. Just a wonderful person with a wonderful heart & I trust her completely. We paid our agency CAN about $14,000 and got nothing done. The moment I read Wrens-song & called Sarah……. I had a peace. She immediately put the word out for my referral & she contacted me a week later with one! Amazing! She is like the “middle man” the communicator between Congo (Mayal & the lawyers). She has built up a great repoire with Mayal & several of the orphanage directors. She’s teamed up with Mayal to found & supply their orphanage & also to help adoptive families adopt with as little fees and time as possible. She knows the specifics to how to wait, how to ask for, and how to respect the people, lawyers, and orphanage directors over there. Mayal is invaluable as is Sarah. He works for the U.N. training police officers & works directly with Sarah for families joining Wrens-song. She asks that we do not contact Mayal or our lawyers but go through her so to be sure they are respected and not overwhelmed with questions that Sarah herself can answer and/or find out. We go to Sarah & Sarah goes to Congo. Congo goes to Sarah & Sarah tells us as soon as she gets word of info. Many agencies do not hae the relationships and experiences as Sarah & Mayal have. It is invaluable.

    Sarah Witbrod herself has adopted two children from the DRC with the help of Mayal. She has also lost a few referrals that she herself was trying to adopt. She has been through so much. She travels back to the DRC often…. like every 6 months. She brings as much supplies with her as she can every time she goes. Besides her own, she has helped one family (Amy Tate) complete her entire adoption. I am next. Travelling in about 4 weeks! There are several families behind me at different spots in their adoption process.


    Cost is around $11,000 in fees to Mayal for the government fees/lawyers, medicals, etc. You pay for travel on top of that. Plus $500 worth of supplies to the orphanage that your child came from. Travel is only 5-7 days if you wait until the very end. I don’t know what it is if you file your i600 in country, but I would not recommend it. Sarah suggests you stay at St. Anne’s. It’s safe & like $60-70 a day. It is my understanding that Mayal and/or Constant (an assistant of Mayal & Sarah) help to escort and translate for you.

    Time Frame:

    When I contacted Sarah at the end of May, I had my home study & dossier complete with my agency. I will be travelling in 4 weeks ish. Sarah found my referral in one week & I then had to receive my dossier, make some changes, ad/subtract some letters, pictures, and P.O.A.. It was pretty simple! Then you make your first fee upon accepting your referral & you get your medical done. Following that is birth certificate, court, Cona, Act of Adoption, i600, passport, embassy appt, visa, invite & travel, exit appt, home! These steps all take varying amounts of time. Every adoption is different & has it’s ‘hang ups” in different steps of the process. It is pretty much inevitable.

    BUT….. from what I can tell from Amy’s & now mine……. that it is taking approx 6-7 months from time of committing to Sarah with Wrens-song for a referral to time of travel.

    Sarah does not have all the answers. I do not have all the answers. I can tell you through a lot of research that Wrens-song, Sarah, and Mayal are as about as honest & ethical as they come. Danielle Anderson (used to work for the embassy in DRC) with DRCadoptionservices also speaks highly of Sarah, Mayal, and Wrens-song reiterating their ethical process. I do know that Wrens-song is fairly new & Sarah is only one person with 3 kids! You must have faith & patience! But you will be so happy and blessed and get your adoption done much faster and with less expenses if you participate with Wrens-song. I can only hope that each of us families whom adopt through Wrens-song will also be life-long supporters.

    I hope this helps!

    God Bless,

    Sheena Broek



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